1BOG – Residential Solar Energy Made Easy

This is another great developing story for the solar industry. One Block Off the Grid (1BOG), helps interested residential solar energy customers achieve lower costs and cut through the complexity of government programs, various PV products and solar

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1BOG -Making It Easy

panel installation by offering a unique combination of group purchasing, installation and objective advice.

Their website features some of the most clear and concise marketing I have seen in the residential solar market and is easy to understand for the average customer.

From an article by Warren Schirtzinger on Renewable Energy access, “1BOG’s service organizes homeowners in a given area and allows them to purchase and install solar as a group. In addition to negotiating a volume discount of about 15%, 1BOG acts as an independent provider of quality assurance and objective information. To qualify as a 1BOG vendor, local solar companies must go through a rigorous evaluation of their products, installation practices, and long term stability as a company. Customers are also provided with assistance and support in the areas of rebates/incentives, financing and permits.

“While most people would point to the 15% reduction in cost or the assistance provided with bureaucracy and paperwork as the primary benefits of 1BOG’s program, I believe the true power of their approach is in helping reduce the perceived risk of solar.”

1BOG is partnered with SunRun , SolarCity, REC and other industry innovators focused on bringing solar energy to the residential market segment more efficiently and  in a less costly manner.

While this early 1BOG business model may have some easily solved issues (loss of control by end customer, warranty integrity etc.), overall this is a great new product offering to build on for the industry. Congrats to Mr. Dave Llorens, CEO for his rapid market development progress.

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