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How do we create a universally acceptable quality of life when the global population of 7.5 billion is in ecological overshoot and at the “Limits to Growth”?

How do we transition to a sustainable and stable civilization that leverages the limitless human creative and technological capacity that is responsible for the quality of life we currently enjoy?

This is my focus and passion. An extensive and diverse 19-year history in the solar PV and clean energy industries has provided a deep view into a sector of sustainability that is forcing business model disruption throughout the 100-year old electric utility and fossil fuel industries. Other industries will go through this same disruption and transition to new, sustainable business practices as the global population grows further beyond what earth’s systems can sustain.

Research from various government agencies and think tanks have uniformly concluded that trillions of dollars can be invested profitably, now, to transition inefficient industries to sustainable products and services. And with exponentially increasing global ecological overshoot in progress, urgency and scale is required to deploy market-based solutions allied with enlightened government support.

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Career background

I have been deeply involved in the PV industry for the past 21 years, formerly as President of Prescient Marketing, LLC which consulted to PV industry companies involved in new technology development, market development, project development as well as financial entities investing in the sector. This extensive business consulting work has given me a unique breadth of knowledge as a result of involvement in almost every part of the PV supply chain including research & development, technology commercialization, manufacturing, product development, engineering/procurement/construction,  and project development and finance.

I am passionate about sustainability and clean energy and in particular the role PV and PV+ (hybrid projects) can play in improving quality of life globally in developed and underdeveloped nations, while solving many of the negative issues that result from brown energy generation and centralized energy infrastructure. I found this passion in the early 90’s after being exposed to a 20kW PV project business plan while holding the position of President of a large well known international sporting goods brand. After learning about the large and varied benefits, the technology maturity, the major environmental and health problems of fossil fuel generation, and rapidly depleting fossil fuel reserves, I found my career fervor.

“One person with passion is better than forty people merely interested.” E. M. Foster


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