Department of Defense Releases Operational Energy Strategy Document

Operational Energy - More Capablity, Less Energy Risk

In an effort to better use energy resources to support their strategic goals, the country’s broader energy security goal, lower risks to the warfighter, and more efficiency use taxpayer resources,  the Department of Defense released its first ever “Operational Energy Strategy” on July 14th.

While the document is fairly high level with many topics and not much detail, it does give the reader a good idea of where DoD is heading. The overall messages are more capability with less fuel, having lower risk via a more diverse energy mix, and increasing effectiveness with less cost. The main goal is energy security using a number of strategies including energy efficiency, energy storage, microgrids, renewable energy, bio fuels and alternative energy. PV solar energy figures prominently in this strategy given its modular nature and ability to add significant value at the soldier, forward deployed and supporting base levels of renewable energy transitions.

The document describes and implementation plan within 90 days that ”will include specific targets and timelines for achieving this strategy in the near-, mid-,and long-term”.

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