Do Chinese PV Subsidies Machinations Matter In The “Electrify Everything” World?

An informative piece from Finlay Colville on the recent Chinese government decision to limit further #solarpvPV industry support. Is this deja vu all over again from the 2012 module over supply or does it no longer matter?

“The impending downturn is not happening because of a PR from government bodies in China in late May 2018. It is the unavoidable consequence of 2 – 3 years of chronic over investment across the c-Si value-chain in China that was a time bomb waiting to explode.”

Question I have is, if if electrifying the whole global energy sector of means that electricity production needs to increase massively via #renewableenergy to meet Paris accords timeline – roughly tripling over the next 20 years – does China’s manipulation of the markets matter as much going forward? Is there a downturn or is this a short blip?

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