Solar Energy – Incremental Jumps to Grid Parity

As I wrote in a previous post, electricity generated from PV is moving closer and closer to grid parity. We may see grid parity (the cost of solar energy being the same price as brown fuel generated power) in the next few years over wide swaths of the U.S.

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No Need For Those Cooling Towers Now

Now comes a study by Duke University, “Solar and Nuclear Costs – The Historic Crossover”, which demonstrates that solar energy is now equal to or less than the expected cost of $0.16/kWh of power generated from new, latest technology nuclear plants.

From the report, “Solar photovoltaics have joined the ranks of lower-cost alternatives to new nuclear power plants.”

This is another example of relentless downward cost line of installed solar.  It’s also a good example of the profound amount of subsidies (Solinequity) that nuclear, goal and gas industries receive compared solar. Contained in the report, “From 1943 to 1999 the U.S. government paid nearly $151 billion, in 1999 dollars, in subsidies for wind, solar and nuclear power, Marshall Goldberg of the Renewable Energy Policy Project, a research organization in Washington, wrote in a July 2000 report. Of this total, 96.3 percent went to nuclear power.” the report said.

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