Where did global warming go?

A good piece in the New York times today answers the question by starting with “. . . . now that nearly every other nation accepts climate change as a pressing problem, America has turned agnostic on the issue.” Every other nation in the world is experiencing significant climate change effects, recognize the urgency of the situation and have CO2 reduction programs in place.

China and India in particular, as a result of disastrous and escalating weather calamities over the last 20 years, are taking action as they are financially pressed to keep rebuilding after each episode. As Bill McKibben wrote in Eaarth, we are fast approaching a point where even the most developed economies won’t have the financial resources to keep rebuilding. A recent example was the squabbling on Capitol Hill about providing FEMA enough budget to clean up after TS Lee and hurricane Irene on the heels of the most expensive weather disaster season in the history of the United States.

As Bill Clinton said, “It makes us look like a joke” when asked about both Democrats and Republicans non-action and denial on the global warming issue.


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