Thin-Film PV Powers the Number 1 Global Solar Integrator

Belectric Trading GmbH, formerly Beck Energy GmbH, was recently named the number one solar EPC company globally with over 300MW installed in 2010. Belectric, headquartered in Germany, focuses on large utility scale projects and has over 1,000 employees in 14 countries including a recently opened U.S. office.

solar thin-film bankability

Belectric Install In Germany - Source: Belectric

By either name, this is not a recognizable brand as the company is privately held and tends to keep a low profile. But what is recognizable is their exceptionally low installed cost, the reason for their number one position.

With tangential thin-film involvement with Beck Energy early in the previous decade, I heard their continual emphasis on LCOE by focusing on an integrated solution and centering on thin-film PV. They have achieved exceptional LCOE by innovation in design, engineering and construction as well as proprietary BOS and installing mainly thin-film modules, mostly from First Solar.

The fact that they have achieved such success using thin-film modules is surprising to many in the PV industry.  There is continual disagreement between traditional crystalline module fundamentalists (crystalline modules have 80% market share) and thin-film PV fundamentalists over advantages and disadvantages of each. But Belectric’s model utilizing thin-film in a proprietary solution results in winning many bids as they can provide strong Internal Rates of Return for project investors. Solar bankability never looked so good.

As I have said previously on this blog, thin-film PV has a good fit for many applications and when coupled with a strong BOS strategy, the result can be exceptional. The Belectric story is a powerful example.

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